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Financial Planning And Analysis Services

Financial Planning & Analysis Services

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In a challenging economy, financial planning and analysis operate as the strength of viable progress by abetting businesses to plan accurately and respond effectively.  JCSN’s financial planning and analysis services will support your plan and monitor your organization’s growth and identify arising concerns before they developed into a significant crisis, thus providing your business more perspective and certainty.

Budget and Forecasting

Reaching your targets takes preparation and continuous decision-making based on current performance.

JCSN’s expert financial analysts are seasoned to upkeep the right guardrails and constantly monitor opportunities to improve your numbers. Complement your strategic knowledge with our expertise to demonstrate control during these uncertain times.

Budget Creation

  • Create company financial goals to guide your business each month.
  • Launch checks and balances to safeguard tracking concerning milestones and goals.

Budget Variance Analysis

  • Report on performance vs. expectations including high-level goals and granular details to create accountability at all levels.
  • Associate against historic performance to inform business decisions and improve models and forecasts.

Monthly Updates & Outlook

  • Report outcomes to key stakeholders for decision-making.
  • Update models and dashboards based on monthly trends.
  • Avoid overweighting to months-old expectations by staying on top of current performance.


  • Outline what your business will achieve with granular goals and assumptions.
  • Layer complexity into your forecasts to help determine strategic priorities and growth.

Annual Planning

  • Align on strategic goals and the plans to achieve them.
  • Prioritize key initiatives and allocate resources and capital for the year.

13-Week Cash Flow Forecast

  • Focus the near-term cash well-being, mainly if restructuring or in need of a turnaround.
  • Transition from monthly to weekly forecasts with additional scenario analysis to direct your immediate business needs.

Establish Control and Position On Your Business for Persistent Growth

Prevent a common problem many businesses face: frequently looking backward. Plan ahead for change as your business needs will unceasingly advance throughout the year.

JCSN’s experts will help identify the factual path forward and monitor ongoing progress through:

  • Yearly plans and budgets
  • Monthly variance analysis & updates
  • Investment decision and ROI analysis

Don’t burden your team with analytic processes. Instead, let your performance inform the next steps while you rely on the analytical expertise of freelance financial analysts.

Our Packages




  • Monthly reconciliation up to 2 Bank, Paypal and Credit Card accounts with up to 150 transactions
  • Monthly Profit & Loss (Accrual and Cash)



  • Monthly reconciliation up to 3 Bank, Paypal and Credit Card accounts with up to 300 transactions
  • Monthly Profit & Loss (Accrual and Cash)
  • Process Vendor and/or Customer invoices (up to 25 per month)



  • Monthly reconciliation up to 5 Bank, Paypal and Credit Card accounts with up to 450 transactions
  • Monthly Profit & Loss (Accrual and Cash)
  • Process Vendor and/ or Customer invoices (up to 50 per month)