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Your business may be based in California, USA, in Manila, Philippines, or in any part of the world, but the fact is that we share the same related activities in managing a small/medium enterprise – from making major decisions for the company, hiring the best people, and keeping relevant information at work.

Being in the industry for many years, we understand the issues in filing important documents for accounting and bookkeeping matters.

  • Are you stressed from physically keeping and finding storage for your bulky receipts and tax files?
  • Do you find it time-consuming to be keeping huge pile of papers and have them delivered or picked up for bookkeeping?
  • Are you worried about losing any of your important documents or having your confidential files leaked?
  • Do you find it burdensome to go to different sites and links in order to access your online documents?

These are the common problems individuals and companies face when personally storing their documents. We have good news for you! JCSN has a solution!

Our all-new CLIENT PORTAL is what you need – the one-stop shop for all your accounting and bookkeeping tasks. It is an easy data sharing platform made exclusively for JCSN clients.

  • Have your own personalized dashboard containing your information and the services you have availed.

See who your assigned accountant is and who to contact with all your accounting needs.

  • Be reminded of all your deadlines.

Never miss out on a deadline anymore. Our Client Portal keeps a record of all your tax deadlines and important dates to remember. Just log on to your account and you can see all of them at once.

  • Upload and access all your important documents anytime, anywhere.

With our Client Portal, you don’t need to access different links and websites anymore. There’s also no need to go through each email to find your documents. Just go to your account, then upload or click on the document you are looking for.


Why shift to our Client Portal?

Here are some more reasons why you have to start using our Client Portal:

  • Security

Our Client Portal is secured with SSL Encryption. This offers a more secure option than storing your files in your own computers and drives. No need to worry about the security of all your confidential files. You are also free from physical hardware failure and even potential hazards that might destroy your documents.

  • Storage

Keeping your bulky documents with you could take up so much storage. With our client portal, you can access all of them at once. No more hassle of looking through your documents file after file.

  • Geographic Flexibility

Working from various locations is not a problem anymore. No need to worry about how to deliver your documents securely. Everything you need can be accessed through our Client Portal wherever you are around the world.

We understand how valuable time and security is for you. We value them, too. Have more productivity with less the hassle. Take the burden of managing your documents off your shoulder. Get your own Client Portal now – all your accounting needs right in front of you, right here, right now.